Welcome. Today I will give you a quick intro to me.

I am what you may call a hard-core ultra-liberal. I prefer the term “progressive,” though. My thoughts are so forward and evolved.

Exceptions to the Liberal Tag…

Global Warming

It may be happening (just not in these past 18 years), but there is no way to show it is caused by humans. Quite the opposite. Water vapor comprises 96% of green house gases in the atmosphere. CO2 is a trace gas amongst the trace greenhouse gases. Man’s contribution to CO2 is trivial at most.


The government needs to have minimal involvement in our lives. There is a role for government, but that role is limited.


Many of us pay way too much while others pay more. The obscene comment that the rich must “pay their fair share” does not take into account the fact that our abusive “progressive” tax code already

Rush Limbaugh

I love him.

The Military

If you don’t like the military, I have no time for you.

Planned Parenthood

Why are we funding these people?

Affordable Care Act

An abomination. They say we need to repeal and replace this mess. No. The mere concept is an abomination. The disaster our government has foist upon us is inexcusable.

Favorite WEB Sites

Drudge Report

News Busters



Sometimes Fox News