In early May I went to the doctor to get my prescriptions refilled.

The shocker:  I weighed 320 pounds!!!  One way or another, I could not live with that.

First thing I did was cut out all the junk I  had been eating.  I would eat two of those Hostess-like desserts a day.  I was eating 1 a week.  Then it the “what the heck” factor kicked in and BLUUP!

Also, the bottled green tea.  Those little puppies are deceiving.  Green tea’s gotta be good for you, right?  Well, it turns out that they are pretty much as bad for you as Pepsi.  Just like candy bars in a bottle.  They have as many calories as a full meal.  So, you have a choice: a bottle of green tea or a meal…

Once that had stabilized in my life (3 weeks of dropping 500 calories every 4 days), I got serious.

I chose the Mifflin-St Jeor method of determining calories.  It takes into account age, weight, height.  I then factor in activity level and fast loss versus easy loss.

At first, I said I was “sedentary.”  But then I found out that was for folks who are essentially bed-ridden.  I had my calorie in-take too low.  I tallied my weight as 314 pounds on 6/3.  307 on 6/10.  Too fast.

Now, on 8/1, I’m hovering around 290 pounds.  The 30 pound mark!